My Favorite Fabric Cutting Tools

I'm a big fan of quality tools in the sewing room that make my life easier .One of the most important tool for any Designer/ seamstress is a good pair of scissors, but there's actually quite a bit more variety out there than you might think. Let me share my favorite cutting tools with you!

Sewing Scissors

My Main Squeeze! Cuts fabric easily and neatly, every time. A dependable addition to any sewing room.

Thread Clippers 

I like this little clipper! I use it to cut thread ends when sewing. It's small and the blades are sharp so they handle the job easily.

Pinking Shears

These shears have very fine teeth that form a zigzag edge when the fabric is cut. It prevents the fabric from fraying and gives a decorative finish.

 Electric Scissors

Cordless and heavy duty. Ideal for cutting thick fabrics such as denim or leather. Compact and lightweight.

Rotary Cutter

I've been cutting fabric with this rotary cutters for years. Especially cutting curves, and a lot of shapes that would be impossible to cut with other tools.