Sewing is an enjoyable craft that can be intimidating at first. One of the first skills needed is mastering the proper use of cutting tools. Knowing what each cutting device is used for and the best way to sharpen and maintain them will help you succeed in this craft. 
They are the most versatile tool, used for both cutting and trimming fabric. Fabric scissors should be kept exclusively for trimming fabric and other materials, as regular household scissors will become dull quickly. Scissors should be sharpened regularly and kept clean for the best results.
Electric Scissors:
These are powered cutting tools that cut through fabric and make any sewing project a bit easier and faster. They provide a quick clean cut of multiple layers of fabric. 
Rotary Cutters
These tools are designed with a round blade designed to cut fabric into precise, clean edges. They should be used on a self-healing cutting mat to reduce wear on the blade and fabric. The blade should be replaced frequently to ensure a clean cut.
These are large scissors designed to cut several layers of fabric at once. They should be tightly adjusted and stored in a dry place that is away from heat.
Pinking Shears:
These have a jagged edge that is specially designed to reduce fraying and help prevent fabrics from unraveling. They are used mainly for zigzag cleaning up seams or as a decorative edge.
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