Headwraps have always been considered to be an important part of many cultures, and have risen in popularity in recent years. With the added benefit of satin-lining, headwraps are the perfect accessory for a range of different looks and styles.
Satin-lined headwraps offer extra protection for the hair, as well as providing a luxurious feel for those wearing them. Satin is a smooth fabric, made from a combination of silk, nylon, and polyester. This means that it not only feels great against the head, but also provides protection. Satin helps to lock in natural oils and moisture, minimizing frizz and helping to maintain healthy and shiny hair.
Another benefit of our satin-lined headwraps is that they come in a range of african wax prints to suit almost any style.
Check out these FIVE headwrap styles you can create with our headwraps! And don't worry, you don't have to be a full-blown stylist to be able to make these looks because they’re just that easy! You don’t even need any special tools or anything- just a headwrap, a scrunchie - and you’re good to go. So, get those headwraps out and start styling!
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