Have you ever thought about becoming a fashion designer? Or have you ever wondered how fashion designers turn their ideas into beautiful garments?Venturing into the fashion world takes a lot of creativity, patience, passion, time, energy, and research. And, of course, there are many ways to go about it. For instance, some designers solely focus on designing the garment and outsource sewing and other technical parts of the procedure. On the other hand, some designers are skilled at sewing as well and prefer to work one-on-one with every single client. Still, there are certain steps involved in producing wearable garments and we’re going to walk you through the entire thing!
#1 Design the Garments
The first step to designing any garment is obviously thinking of a unique design that would look good. This, of course, warrants a lot of creative thought. Also, an idea is probably what pushed you to make a garment in the first place.


#2 Sketch Out the Idea
Once you have your idea, you need to put it to paper by creating a sketch. But don’t worry because you don’t need to be an art expert to draw out a garment. All you need to do is present a visual representation of the idea and make it as detailed as possible.
#3 Take Accurate Measurements
Before you get to cutting the fabric or actually making the garment, you must take measurements of yourself or whoever you're making the garment for. After all, the garment will only look as good as it fits.
#4 Draft or Use an Existing Sewing Pattern
The next step is to take your design from a sketch to a sewing pattern. A pattern is a template used to help cut the fabric, and creating it can be somewhat challenging, and often expensive. Although, if you're not experienced in this regard, it's best to outsource the task and get a professional to do it right. Or, of course, you can get a ready-made pattern and alter it to your liking.
#5 Choose the Fabrics & Notions
Another crucial step is to pick and choose the fabric and notions that you want to use for your project. And while there might not be any wrong or right when it comes to choosing a fabric, some fabrics certainly work much better than others depending on your project
#6 Lay Out the Pattern & Cut the Fabric
Once the fabric and pattern are finalized, put them together and cut out the final draft for your fabric.
#7 Sew All the Pieces Together
And obviously, once you’ve cut out all the pieces, you’ll need to sew them together on your home or industrial sewing machine. Or, if you’re new to sewing, you can get help from a professional.
#8 Steam & Iron
To really make your design and seams looking neat, you'll have to properly steam and iron your garment. If you have sewing experiences i'd recommend a Pressing Ham or Wooden Tailors Clapper (Thank me later ;-)
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#9 Inspect the Fitting & Overall Garment
Now that you have the final product, all you need to do is try it on or fit it on the person you made it for and clip off all threads etc. If its doesn't fit the way you'd like it to, mark or pin where you'll need to make changes and make the necessary alterations.
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